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Importance of German Language in the modern world

German is one of the most popular languages in the world. It is spoken in Germany, Austria and some of the smaller countries of Europe. It is a West Germanic language and is the most extensively spoken official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium.
Some of the major languages related to German are English, Afrikaans and Dutch. German is spoken by more than 100 million people throughout the world.

Why study German?

We are living in an increasingly globalized world . A german language certificate gives the students  access to the culture, language and the marketplace of the German speaking nations.

On a professional level, there is no doubt that communicating in another language opens up many vistas of career opportunities. Moreover German is one of the major languages used in business and international diplomacy. It goes without saying that learning a great language like German will significantly contribute to your personal enrichment.

Let's consider some of the major factors that go in favour of learning the language.
  • Germany is the largest exporter of goods like vehicles, machinery, metals, chemical products etc
  • Germany is the largest economic power in Europe.
  • German is an important scientific language.
  • It is the language of science and technology.
  • German is the most widely spoken language in Europe.
  • Germany is home to a lot of international corporations.
  • Germans are world leaders in the field of Engineering.
  • German is the language of Goethe, Marx Nietzsche, Grass, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Schubert.
  • Many of the Western world's masterpieces of philosophy, literature, music, art, history, engineering etc. are written in German.

German the Need of the Hour:

Coimbatore has a large number engineering colleges with hundreds of graduates coming out of them every year.  More than 30% of the students have a fascination for German Universities for doing their higher education in engineering because Germany is famous for its quality of education and training. Hence the need for the language:
Knowledge of German is very useful among other reasons for
  • ·         For getting admission in good universities
  • ·         Interacting with the people
  • ·         Getting a job after graduation
  • ·         Integrating with German life and culture

Role of Lingua World

Lingua World has been conducting German courses in Coimbatore for the last 20 years. The German language sessions in Lingua World are very much admired by the participants because of the quality of teaching and the best learning materials used in the German language Classes.
We specialize in individualized instruction in the German Language Teaching program. The individual skills of the students are taken into account in adjusting the coaching styles in the teaching learning process.

Language teaching and learning is an art. Teaching involves a perfect blend of teaching methodology coupled with integration of modern technology in the classroom setting. This contributes to the involvement of the students in the classroom interaction and promotes quality in teaching and learning.

Leaning becomes strong when the individual learning styles of the participants are taken into account.

Visual Learners:

More than 60% of our students of German language classes are Engineers from various companies and the rest are students from the Colleges and schools in and around Coimbatore. As most of them show interest in Video-based learning we give them access to the various multimedia programs in the language classes .The cultural video sessions are very attractive and the participants in the German learning sessions find them very interesting. Such an exposure to German life and culture along with the regular learning activities makes teaching and learning process dynamic and highly interactive.

Auditory Learners:
Some students show a lot of interest in listening and hearing. The vast treasure of our audio programs come in handy to enable them to learn the language as effortlessly as possible.

Interactive Sessions:

The interactive sessions in our German language learning classes are very effective in making participants interact with one another and become fluent in German in the process.

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